Hagerstown Social Distancing Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Hagerstown Social Distancing Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

See details below for payment and other information

tournament info
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Daily Age 14+

Location: City Park Softball Fields, Hagerstown MD
Max number of Teams: 8 (first come first serve)
Maximum number of players per team: 15
Mixed: number of players on the field will be 6
Ratio - 3:3 or 4:2
Games will be 45 minute games: two 20 minute halves with 5 minute halftime
Masks are required while at the event

What does a “SOCIAL DISTANCING” tournament look like?
Here are ways that we can play this sport we love while remaining safe.

  1. When arriving at the event all players will have their temperature taken as a precaution
  2. Hand washing stations will be available along with other cleaning stations
  3. Team sizes are small to limit close contact between players, specifically when not in game
  4. Teams will be given an area that they will be asked to stay within while not in games a. When playing in games the different teams will be asked to stay on separate sides of the field to promote distancing
  5. Every other point the game disc will be cleaned and replaced with a new, clean game disc
  6. Please bring your own lunch to the fields, again to limit outside exposure while at the tournament
  7. Everyone that attends the event will be asked to sign in with contact information (Phone or email) for updating everyone if any player test positive. We hope That is not the case and will do everything can to prevent that from happening

Registration and Contact Information
Tournament Director: Spencer Santos
Phone: (530) 263-2416
Email: spencer@hagerstownchurch.org

Please have only the team captain or organizer register for the tournament to help with communication of details.
If you do not have a team to play with but are interested in playing please contact the TD to see what can be done.
Cost per team: $250 and $20 per individual.
You can pay by Venmo https://venmo.com/account/sign-in and pay to @spencer-santos
Or paypal https://www.paypal.me/SJSulti

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