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Over the past 5 years we have had an ultimate Frisbee league that was supported by a local non-profit organization. Unfortunately they have decided to not support the league going forward. So a few of us decided to attempt to keep the league going and try to grow it in the future.
Our goal is to provide and easy and inexpensive access to exercise and competition that is based on sportsmanship. The sport of ultimate was invented 50 years ago, is played in more than 80 countries, and has grown to become a professional sport in the United States. Though there are rules that govern ultimate, the overarching concept called the “Spirit of the Game” is based on promoting character, community, and competition. This combination of sportsmanship with personal responsibility, communication, and fairness as forms the structure that supports all self-governed (no refs) games.
Part of the beauty of the game is that all you need is space and a disc. So anyone, anywhere can play. We would like to provide the vehicle to promote these concepts to everyone. Through our league and summer youth camps we would like your support to continue what we have started here in the northern Virginia area and provide an easy and cheap way to get everyone out of the house and to start building sportsmanship with our younger audience that they can carry forward in their life experiences.

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