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These are the general rules established by USA Ultimate that we will adhere to unless specified differently below

Rules – LOUD adopts the USA Ultimate Official Rules of Ultimate 11th Edition as modified herein:
UNCHANGEABLE RULE: Absolutely no metal cleats allowed!

  1. The League Commissioner administers the Rules and makes the final determination in any Rules questions or disputes. Prior to the start of a game and with the concurrence of the League Commissioner, two team Captains may agree to change any of the rules listed below or add their own. Both captains must agree to this, otherwise teams will adhere to the following rules and gameplay. Captains should decide who is receiving and pulling with a disc toss. Winner of the disc toss will decide whether they will pull or receive. Loser will their starting end.
  2. Gender equity is a primary goal of this League. Teams will attempt to field teams of approximately equal numbers of men and women. A valid team must field a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 7 players. If a team cannot field 4 players, 1 point per 10 minutes of elapsed time is awarded to the opposing team until the short-handed team can field 4 players. The gender ratio is flexible and is determined by the team Captains prior to the start of the game, which then remains consistent throughout the game. Teams can agree to allow the receiving team (offense) to dictate the gender ratio for each point. If the pulling team (defense) cannot match the receiving team’s number of men or women on any particular point, the defending team must play with fewer players of matching gender. If teams cannot agree on a gender ratio, the League standard of 5 men and 2 women must be fielded by both teams.
  3. The game winner shall be the first team to score 15 points within the allotted game time (i.e. the hard cap) of 1 hour 30 minutes. If the allotted game time expires prior to either team reaching 15 points, the end of the game shall proceed as follows. After 1 hour 15 minutes of game time has elapsed and after the current point is completed, a soft cap shall be established at 2 points higher than that of the team with the current higher number of points. The game ends when either team scores the new point total unless the hard cap is reached first. If the hard cap is reached during a point, the game ends at the end of that point. If there is a tie after the hard cap, the teams shall play one more point with the winner being the team with the most points. Team Captains are responsible for monitoring and announcing the soft cap and hard cap times.
  4. Teams shall observe a half-time when one team scores 8 points. Teams should take no more than a 5 minute break, then restart the game from the opposite ends at which they started. The team who received at the start should pull to start the 2nd half.
  5. Teams are allowed to call 1 time-out per half and 1 floater time-out at any time during the game, making 3 time-outs total per team. The standard length of a timeout is 70 seconds. Time outs can only be called by the player with possession of the disc, who must also be the player to restart play. Play restarts by the offense taking static positions on the field, then allowing the defense to set and check the disc. Quick time-outs may be called as a courtesy to briefly explain the rules to a beginner. All players must hold their positions on the field during a courtesy time out.
  6. Lines are out of bounds. A player’s first point of contact with the ground after obtaining non-spinning control of the disc shall determine the player’s position.
  7. Dropping the pull counts as a turnover. Discs pulled out of bounds must be centered where they went out of bounds. Discs that roll out of bounds are played at the spot where they went out of bounds. Discs that are pulled out of bounds in the end zone or beyond the end of the end-zone are played 15 yards in front of the end zone in the center (i.e. the “brick”). Discs that land within the end zone on a pull are played from where they landed.
  8. All violations and fouls follow the standard 11th edition rules found here on the USAU website.
  9. Players have 10 seconds to throw the disc. A defensive player within 3 yards of the thrower must stall by verbally saying, "stall 1, stall 2, stall 3...". A turnover occurs if the thrower has possession of the disc at the first utterance of the word “ten” in the stalling sequence.
  10. If a disc is ever thrown out of bounds or out of play, the disc MUST be tapped within the field of play either on the ground or by another player to resume play. If there is a turnover without the disc leaving the field, no tapping is required. Roster/Team Formation Rules • To register with the League as a team, a completed roster must be submitted with at least 7 players, and a maximum of 15 players. The team and / or the League may add players registering as individuals to the registered teams, up to a maximum of 18 players per team. • Teams must submit a roster listing all players that are participating at the time of registration. • Players may only be added to the team roster after registration if there is a roster spot available (maximum # of players has not been reached). • Teams must submit roster additions to the League Commissioner and obtain approval of the addition prior to the new player participating. • Players wishing to join a particular team must register as an individual player through the League Commissioner. Participation on a particular team is not guaranteed, the League may instead add the player to the team with the greatest need for additional players. • Team rosters lock after the fourth week of the season, no additions other than injured player replacements can be made for the rest of the season.
    • Once a roster is full, a roster spot may only be opened if an injured player that will not play for the remainder of the season is dropped from the roster. Notice of the desired roster replacement shall be submitted to the League Commissioner. Pending approval from the Commissioner and submission of new player registration information and player waiver, a new player may replace the injured player for the remainder of the season. • With the consent of the team Captains during a game, a maximum of two "pick-up" players (already registered as a player with another league team) will be permitted to join another team only when a team does not have enough of its own players present to field a team.
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